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All-inclusive weddings

Who We Are - Red River Gorge.

Red River Gorge Wedding Barn is a 50 acre secluded Venue! We are unique offering two magestic 100 year old barns, a Reception Barn and a Wedding Barn. We offer a beautiful outdoor ceremony location called the "Enchanted Forest". We also have a Bridal Suite with hair salon station and 3 counter make up station for bridesmaids, and adjacent Groom's Room. 

All-inclusive Weddings

Creating...The. Best. Day. Ever.

Events by Jenny Lea

In 2016, Jenny Lea was in her 12th year of teaching. As a passionate special education teacher, who dedicated her life to her students,... the burnt-out clock was beginning to tick. That year she took a leap of faith and opened The Barn at the Gorge. She expected that this new venture would be her “side hustle," but after booking 26 weddings her first season, she knew she had found her calling. Each year, Jenny Lea worked harder and dug deeper to create weddings that were as stress-free as they were beautiful. On Dec 12, 2020, she celebrated her 100th wedding at the all-inclusive venue. In 2021, Jenny Lea purchased The Red River Gorge Wedding Barn and renamed it Appalachian Rose Farm...thus creating Events by Jenny lea at the Red River Gorge.  Jenny Lea and her staff of coordinators, facilitators, and assistants are dedicated to our couples…Two Venues…creating your BEST. DAY. EVER...
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